Reduce Pain and Inflammation With Warm, Soothing, Laser Therapy

Physicians and patients explain how the MLS laser used here at Tawil Physical Therapy works.

MLS Laser Therapy – Part of Your Tawil Physical Therapy

When a physical condition or injury affects mobility or quality of life, there is one goal: A rapid return to every-day activities. MLS Laser Therapy is an advanced laser technology that works to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in the body in a safe, painless, and non-invasive way. This therapy utilizes dual wavelengths of infrared light to penetrate deep into the tissue and stimulate regeneration at the cellular level.

Picture of MLS laser therapy at Tawil Physical Therapy

There are no known side-effects! Patients describe a warm, soothing feeling. In addition, many report instant pain relief. Laser therapy is cleared by the FDA and is safe and effective. Learn more on the FDA website. 

Harvard Study Explains How Low-level Laser Therapy

    • Improves wound healing
    • Relieves pain
    • Treats conditions including stroke and neurodegenerative disorders
    • Protects the function of mitochondria and stimulates platelet production

Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

  • Rapidly Reduces Pain
  • Strong Anti-inflammatory
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Quick Recovery of Sprains & Strains
  • Quickens Recovery of Injuries
  • Quickens Recovery of Surface Wounds & Ulcers