Patient Information

Your First Appointment

To maximize your treatment time, please come in about fifteen minutes early for your first appointment. We use the time to complete the paperwork and create a file for you with our practice.

If you would like to save time on the day, we can email the documents to you. You could then complete them at your convenience and hand them in during your first appointment. We also require copies of your photo ID and insurance card.

If your doctor referred you to us, please bring along their letter or your prescription. It’s also helpful to bring in any pertinent medical reports such as x-rays or MRI printouts.

We ask that you dress comfortably or bring clothes that you can move around in easily. Shorts and a tank top are ideal.

Please set aside an hour to an hour and a half for your initial consultation. During this time, the Dr. will discuss your condition and evaluate the extent of the injury.

Schedule your free pre-appointment consultation by calling (201) 877-5166 today.

Covered by insurance

We accept most medical insurance including Workman’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Medicare. We will gladly call your insurance carrier to verify your out-of-network physical therapy benefits!