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Massage improves circulation, tones the body, promotes relaxation, and relieves pain.

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Custom 60-Minute Massage


Custom 30-Minute Massage

Custom 15-Minute Massage

Each session will begin with an 5-10 minute consultation with our therapist to discuss your specific symptoms and to determine which massage technique will be most beneficial for you.

Sports Massage

After physical activity, muscle tension may develop, especially if you had an injury before. This technique is designed to increase range of motion and decrease muscle soreness.

Swedish Massage

Great for improving blood circulation and flexibility. Involves the massage therapist lubricating the skin and working muscles in long, smooth motions, promoting blood flow to the heart.

Chair Massage

For quick relief that will reduce muscle tension, relieve stress, and improve your mood. The massage therapist will focus specifically on the back, shoulders, neck, arms and head, You will be seated on the chair, face in cradle and arms on rests, taking weight off the spine.

Trigger Point Massage

Works well for those pesky knots or spasms, even migraines ! Implemented by finding a specific trigger point and applying pressure that will create a slight increase in pain when compressed, followed by release of the tight muscles along with relief.

Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect for tense and overworked muscles. Your massage therapist will use firm strokes to break down muscle tension, promote blood flow, and reduce inflammation.