What does cash-based therapy mean?
Cash-based therapy means that you will enter a contract between yourself and your therapist to receive physical therapy services in a way that both parties have agreed will lead to the best results. You will not need a prescription from your doctor or approval from insurance to receive care. Payment is taken at each session, or on the day of your first session if you have chosen a treatment package.
Why choose cash-based therapy?
Reimbursement for physical therapy services by insurance companies has decreased more and more over the years. This means that some physical therapy clinics are forced to take on multiple patients an hour, splitting their attention to carry out treatments for everyone. Insurances can also dictate whether you qualify to receive certain services, or they may determine you don’t qualify for physical therapy services at all. Under cash-based therapy, you receive 1-on-1 care for the entirety of your session from your preferred physical therapist without allowing insurances to dictate the care you receive.
Does cash-based mean I can only pay in cash?
We accept payment in the forms of credit card and check as well.
Can I receive cash-based therapy if I have insurance?
If you are under a Medicare part B plan, it is illegal for a physical therapist to accept cash payments for services that are covered under Medicare, including physical therapy. If you do have Medicare, don’t worry, we are an approved provider! Similar restrictions apply if you are under Workers Comp, Medicaid, and Motor Vehicle. For all other insurances, these restrictions do not apply, and you can choose to receive cash-based therapy. You may want to consult with your provider, as some insurances will send reimbursement for cash-based therapy services following proper submission of receipts.
Will I end up paying more for cash-based therapy compared to just going through insurance?
For many patients that are covered under insurance, you are required to give a co-pay during doctor’s visits and physical therapy or must pay fully for services until you reach your deductible. These co-payments tend to add up over time, as you may need to follow up with your doctor to receive a prescription for therapy and attend therapy at the prescribed 3 visits per week. BUT if you choose cash-based therapy, there is a good chance you might be paying LESS overall to receive care. This is because a prescription is not needed, meaning less follow ups with your doctor, and the 1-on-1 care you receive from your therapist allows for less visits to the clinic throughout the week. Either way, when paying cash, you have more control over the services you receive and can potentially decrease your recovery time by receiving more efficient care.

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Standard Treatments

Initial Evaluation + Treatment

60-75 min $130

Follow Up Sessions (modalities included)

30 min $65
60 min $95

Functional Screen + Cupping Treatment

30 min $49

Follow Up (Cupping)

15-20 min $30

Treatment Packages

Initial Evaluation + 2 treatment sessions

(3 total sessions) $315

Free Evaluation + 5 treatment sessions

(6 total sessions) $500

Free Evaluation + 9 treatment sessions + 1 massage treatment

(30min) (10 total sessions) $900

A La Carte Services

Manual Stretching Treatment

30 min $40

Cupping Treatment

30 min $40

Percussion Treatment

20 min $25

IASTM/Scraping Treatment

20 min $30

*50% deposit is required on all packages prior to initial evaluation*