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Tawil Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, PA, in North Bergen, NJ

Live Your Life Pain-Free

Are you tired of living in pain and discomfort? Do you have chronic sports injuries, arthritis, or other musculoskeletal conditions that have you taking more anti-inflammatory drugs than you’d like to be taking?
At Tawil Physical Therapy and Sports Performance in North Bergen, we offer advanced, non-surgical treatment options for those suffering from medical conditions and chronic pain. We try to find natural ways to help your body’s muscles and joints heal that don’t require the high doses of medications that many doctors prescribe.
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25 Years of Medical Excellence

We Treat a Wide Range of Medical Conditions

During your first appointment, your therapist will discuss your medical history and any current conditions you are experiencing. We will perform a thorough examination to provide you with an accurate clinical diagnosis and a customized treatment plan. Our goal is to help heal your body faster and promote rapid recovery.
Some of the most common conditions we treat include:


Sports injuries


Skeletal conditions

Herniated discs


Post-surgical issues

Neck and back pain



Meet Our Team

Each team member aims to provide you with individualized treatments that allow you to meet your healing goals.


Michelle Tawil (DPT, MSPT)

Clinical Director

Matthew Moreno (PTA)

Director of Marketing

Yudenia Mesa (MBA)

Front Desk Administrator

Evelyn Vergara

Therapy Aide

Josué Ramírez

25 Years of Medical Excellence

The Heart and Science of Medicine

We help your body restore itself by harnessing your own healing potential with a variety of techniques to combat areas of disease, injury or inflammation. This process involves a variety of techniques including a minimally invasive procedure conducted right in our clinic.

Equipped for all stages of care, from prevention to rehabilitation

Quality assessment program helps ensure smooth.

Prepared to treat a high volume of trauma patients 24/7